Human Existence

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It is a truth versus trust, fact versus belief, conundrum, teetering on the possibility of dualism, but never fully disconnecting body and mind.

If all acts, which occur in the physical world and are objective and proven, derive from a subjective decision in the non-physical world, then would that mean that individuals do not fully exist in either world?

From an outsider’s view, then no, an individual does not fully exist through another’s eyes because there is no proof of 100% truth. However, an individual fully exists within themselves because they alone know the truth.

Therefore, full human existence is individualistic.

All humans are the same species.

If an individual is human, and they know they fully exist, then they must recognize that another human is aware that they themselves fully exist. If we exist the same, we must respect each other’s individualism.

Therefore, if all humans are the same species, and all humans fully exist individualistically, then all humans fully exist.

Since each fully-existing human has an effect on every other human, that is how we are connected and become a fully-existing society. Just like the physical and non-physical worlds are balanced through objectivity and subjectivity, the same applies to humans as a whole and as one. Society is the physical, objective world, while individuals are the non-physical subjective world.

Everything is balanced, and balance leads to full human existence.

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