Book news

Recently I was on the highway and I passed a Swift semitruck. They are certainly not uncommon, but, of course, it gave me an urge to provide an update on the Jack Swift series. I thought I would share that “A Spoiled Game” was not the last installment of the series.

Though it won’t be released soon, it is something I have started to think about. One of the fun things about the Jack Swift series is the amount of research that goes into the storyline. These books take a while, and with the addition of my upcoming doctoral program and teaching responsibilities, it may even take a little longer.

Nevertheless, it will happen.

Music news

Just wanted to share a quick update on my first album. Tracks “Fire,” “The Slightest Sound,” and “Side Note,” have all the music written and almost recorded. We will just have to edit and master them, of course.

Piano Suite I, which consists of five movements, will be scattered among the track listing, and that, too, is completely written.

“Any More” and “Labeled” are two piano-based tracks, but still need the accompanying instruments written.

I wrote a nice bassline and solo for “Promise” the last few days, which means the song is just about complete after the drums are added.

Next up is to write a bassline for “Cry,” and then we will be set.

Book news

Though I’m letting myself recharge a tad creatively, I have a plan to outline another title by the end of this year, and work on a literary fiction novel already in progress. This, of course, will take place in my downtime between work and my studies.

Currently, another author and I will be entering three titles into our regional book awards event. A Spoiled Game, 3vE, and Forgotten Kids will all be up against some very quality reads and talented authors. Looking forward to the competition.

Website changes

I’ve been fooling around with the website content, especially considering that I’m off social media for good now. If you need to find anything about me, you will find it here. Also, if you need to contact me, this is the place.

New beginnings are the goal. All features will be in one category, I will start posting excerpts of my work and also small philosophical wonderings. If you noticed, many of the past posts have been moved in an attempt to de-clutter.

Keep checking back for more updates!