-AMERICAN KIDS– A young man, Kyle, reminisces of the fading Generation Y era when authority was challenged, issues were ignored, and potential was misplaced. Lost in rock and roll and let down by faith, he discovers a relation within the issues from depression to teenage pregnancy to victimization to an outcast’s quivering trigger finger.

…As I stood there joking with my friends, smiling, drinking beers, being social at a giant gathering with the outline of my cross necklace burning my skin, branding me a sinner, reminding me of my loyalties, I never could have imagined one of us was crazy enough to shoot up the school. I never thought we would amount to nothing, be replaced by new saviors, be labeled as a failed and forgotten generation. We were damned from the start

-ENDLESS– John Smith is a self-doubting average man with an average name and ugly feet. His eccentric narrative brings light to the internal battle between a man and his psyche as he struggles with alcoholism, death, depression, family secrets built from racism, and failed suicide attempts. With memorable scenes of emotional breaking, this dim take on life questions the sanity of man and direction of society.

…Alcoholism and depression: a double nemesis, but a genetic disposition it would seem. I was doomed to begin with, as if God was playing a cruel joke, teasing me with brief instances of hope only to crush it moments later. The fate was in the stars all along, and if I succeed in taking my life this evening, is suicide part of my destiny? I have always claimed I will die on my terms, but the madness may have been avoidable to begin with, therefore I am not choosing my unfortunate fortune, but only following the path that was already paved. Do we all already have a story? Do we all already have an ending? I will not subside to this train of thought! It must not be!…


-THE CHRONICLES OF JACK SWIFT, VOLUME ONE– High crime, a cat and mouse game between a crafty career criminal and an aging rival detective, a treasure hunt, a secret society, and clues hidden within the lyrics of well-known tracks. Get lost in the wildly entertaining and fast-paced world of Jack Swift.

…Beckett put the expensive bottle of liquor on his desk. He then reached into his file box and pulled out an almost-empty fifth of Jack Daniels. He placed both in an unoccupied drawer and locked his vice. He dug deeper into the package; it was too full to just contain a bottle of alcohol. Stacks of money neatly rested atop each other – there must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly over a million, meticulously stuffed into the package.

“Holy riches of regret. I knew I shouldn’t have opened this damn box. Fucking Jack Swift.”

The detective appreciated the gesture with a smirk, even pondered what his life could be like if he just got up and left Interpol right that instant with a bottle of Clase Azul in his clutch and enough money to retire resting under his arm. He is too good of a man though…

-THE MOIRAI MEDALLIONS, THE BREAK– The first installment in a fantasy trilogy revolving around the three sisters of fate and a dooming revelation: the prophesied 5th War and devastating land break that would follow, creating a thirteenth kingdom which would signify the end of the world, the sea swallowing the earth’s broken structure. An evil and greedy dictator threatens the natural order of all kingdoms, and two inexperienced and unexpected heroes are asked to prevent the potential apocalypse. All they need is hope… and a lot of luck.

…The displaced man looked down at the radiance floating beneath the water’s top. He was unkempt, his clothes torn, and streaks of mud were smeared on his face. His teeth were scarce and his flesh wounds were concealed by bolted iron patches on his neck and shoulder; he shivered from the chill and malnutrition. Footsteps approached, interrupting the lonely moments of eerie silence, and a gauntlet rested on the man’s shoulder, igniting his adrenaline for warmth. Standing at the edge of the cliff, he knew his death was inevitable…


-THE VILLAGE OF WICKED CREEK, VOLUME ONE– Welcome to the creepy world of Wicked Creek where anything and everything evil will terrorize the town. In these collaborative volumes of horror shorts, compiled with author Jason DeGray, remember the five rules: The residents don’t like visitors, they don’t like mischief, never stay out after the clock tower’s bell has rung, nothing is the way that it seems, and don’t get drawn into the sad shriek of a violin.

…The lightning continued, flashing views of the mountain in the backdrop. I swore I saw a shadow perched on an adjacent manor tower. How could a man have scaled such heights in so little time? How could one have been so mentally-disturbed that they would do something of that nature to another being? I sat on the bed, dumbfounded, paralyzed from the situation. I wanted to move, I wanted to sprint as far as I could away from this wretched place.

“Julian,” I whispered in revelation to myself.

Another strike and my vile host appeared on the other side of the window, squatting on the ledge, drenched in rain and earth, human remains and blood around his mouth. I screamed and fell back in a frenzy. As I gathered my luggage I heard him tapping on the glass as if some playful game of cat-and-mouse had started. I knew very well what my role was…


-SPORTS: AN AVERAGE CARL’S TAKE Satirical essays on the sports world, exploring the development of an athlete from child to professional, and the development of a fan from recreational enjoyment to becoming a crazy person with insane superstitions. Sports are a part of our life, with the power to bring people together and then tear relationships apart and ignite riots in a matter of minutes. We’re all winners and losers.

…Athletes are similar to superheroes: they fly through the air, they have well above-average strength, and they save the day while completely tearing down a city in the process. These are very attractive attributes to a child. While growing up as boys into the men (kind of) we are today, the chain of interests goes as follows: Superheroes and action figures until the waning moments of elementary school, posters of athletes and pennants of teams throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, and then heavy metal music takes over your room and appearance for a brief adolescent phase that displays angst and frightens parents. After all that, a boy will repeat his superhero phase, but this time in a nerdy form, and return to following and discussing sports because it’s almost as seemingly cliché to insert an athletic topic into a conversation with other adults as it is to talk about the weather…

-HEALTHY LIVING FOR PEOPLE TOO BUSY TO CARE If you have enough time to complain about how you don’t have enough time then you have time. Whatever, it makes sense. This guide helps you obtain a healthy lifestyle through motivation, diet, exercise, and finding the extra minutes in a day and making them work for you. Oh, and dropping the excuses… you could have been exercising instead of reading this.

…Life is busy. If you believe you’re the only person in the world who is busy, then you’re wrong. If you believe you’re busier than everyone else, then you’re wrong. There’s only one busiest person in the world and they’re too busy to answer any questions on how busy their life is so don’t bother searching for answers.

The word “busy” or some form of the word was just used six times in the above paragraph making it a very, well, busy grouping of sentences. The truth is that everyone has room to complain about their lack of time throughout the day. It seems you always need 15 more minutes or an extra hand just to accomplish simple daily tasks. However, since we’re too lazy of a society to adopt an updated calendar with roughly four spare days added (three days during leap years) and scientists don’t want to add another arm onto humans for some odd reason (or maybe evolution is being just as lazy as society) then we are stuck using our boring human bodies to fit multiple chores into a mundane 24-hour day…

-DRIVING: AN UNOFFICIAL GUIDE Satirical essays that help make the struggles of the daily commute tolerable. Stress is a haunting attribute between the lane lines, but we’re all in this together so we might as well move with the flow of traffic. Or flip everyone off, whatever works for you.

…Ugh, driving. Seriously, say it with me, and like you mean it. Say it like you were yelling at the old lady with her seat scrunched up next to the steering wheel she can’t see over while commuting entirely too slow in the fast lane, with your hand gesturing in the air and the other pounding the dash instead of controlling the gigantic machine that could cause so many problematic events within a matter of seconds.

The most stressful part of your day isn’t just a small portion that you get over with after your morning coffee or before your happy hour beverage (beverages, for some). It happens multiple times a day, most likely for hours. Think about that, hours and hours of being trapped in a confined space with others in the same exact situation staring back at you, gazing in anger that you’re in their way from getting where they need to be…