-FORGOTTEN KIDS– A young man, Kyle, reminisces of the fading Generation Y era when authority was challenged, issues were ignored, and potential was misplaced. Lost in rock and roll and let down by faith, he discovers a relation within the issues from depression to teenage pregnancy to victimization to an outcast’s quivering trigger finger.

-ENDLESS– John Smith is a self-doubting average man with an average name and ugly feet. His eccentric narrative brings light to the internal battle between a man and his psyche as he struggles with alcoholism, death, depression, family secrets built on racism, and failed suicide attempts. With memorable scenes of emotional breaking, this dim take on life questions the sanity of man and direction of society.


-CURSED: A JACK SWIFT CASE- The T206 baseball card set is one of the most famed collectibles in the world; it’s rare, flawed, and some believe cursed. Master criminal Jack Swift is after the full assortment for a hefty payday, but as he finds the oddest cards of the set scattered across the world, he unearths the ugly collusion between the mob, gambling, and a little voodoo.

-CROOKED GOLD: A JACK SWIFT CASE- High crime, a cat and mouse game between a crafty career criminal and an aging rival detective, a treasure hunt, a secret society, and clues hidden within the lyrics of well-known tracks. Get lost in the wildly entertaining world of Jack Swift. 

-THE MOIRAI MEDALLIONS: THE BREAK– The first installment in a fantasy trilogy revolving around the three sisters of fate and a dooming revelation: the prophesied 5th War and devastating land break that would follow, creating a thirteenth kingdom which would signify the end of the world, the sea swallowing the earth’s broken structure. An evil and greedy dictator threatens the natural order of all kingdoms, and two inexperienced and unexpected heroes are asked to prevent the potential apocalypse. All they need is hope… and a lot of luck.


-THE TAVERN- Patrons of a tavern find themselves pitted against a looming and unknown force threatening their lives. They are in a race against time to escape before the building crumbles around their heads. Or perhaps they’re just drunk. Who knows.

-AND THEN THERE SHE WAS- Hard boiled crime in the Land of Enchantment. Paddy Costello must solve a murder to save his life, but the only problem is he’s working for the man who wants him dead. A hard-nosed detective, a seductive femme fatale, and mobsters: a classic who-done-it tale.

-THE VILLAGE OF WICKED CREEK: VOLUME ONE Welcome to the creepy world of Wicked Creek where anything and everything evil will terrorize the town. In these collaborative volumes of horror shorts, compiled with author Jason DeGray, remember the five rules: The residents don’t like visitors, they don’t like mischief, never stay out after the clock tower’s bell has rung, nothing is the way that it seems, and don’t get drawn into the sad shriek of a violin.


-SPORTS: AN AVERAGE CARL’S TAKE– Satirical essays on the sports world, exploring the development of an athlete from child to professional, and the development of a fan from recreational enjoyment to becoming a crazy person with insane superstitions. Sports are a part of our life, with the power to bring people together and then tear relationships apart and ignite riots in a matter of minutes. We’re all winners and losers.

-HEALTHY LIVING FOR PEOPLE TOO BUSY TO CARE– If you have enough time to complain about how you don’t have enough time then you have time. Whatever, it makes sense. This guide helps you obtain a healthy lifestyle through motivation, diet, exercise, and finding the extra minutes in a day and making them work for you. Oh, and dropping the excuses… you could have been exercising instead of reading this.

-DRIVING: AN UNOFFICIAL GUIDE– Satirical essays that help make the struggles of the daily commute tolerable. Stress is a haunting attribute between the lane lines, but we’re all in this together so we might as well move with the flow of traffic. Or flip everyone off, whatever works for you.