Happy endings exist, they’re out there, perhaps you or someone you know is living one right now, but I firmly believe there needs to be a balance. Amazing needs below-average, joy needs drama, love needs hate, and good needs evil… amongst other things, but you get the point. I’ve been rejected more than accepted, defeated more than victorious – I’m an average man attempting to find his way through life, and words and creativity have made the journey tolerable.

I started writing at a very young age, but my true passion didn’t unearth until I was in the prime of my adolescent angst. I have consistently maintained my contributions as a journalist since then, but began with songs and poems, moved to short scripts and feature screenplays soon after, and eventually began posting blogs, creating nonfiction manuscripts, and now have transitioned into genre and literary fiction.

It has already been a long journey, and it will only get longer, but I will remain consistent. I write with passion, I write independently and unbiased, and I write honest. A refreshing relief to the strenuous life. We all need our outlets.


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Facebook: Carl Lawrence Knauf

Social Tag: @carlLknauf

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