People Loving Amazing Things

“Every little thing that you do, Baby, I’m amazed by you.”
-Lonestar, “Amazed”

Something has been eating away at me (surprise, surprise), and despite my best efforts through public questioning and sarcastic insults, people still have been using the words love and amazing way too much. They overwork the meaning like a wanderer overworks a Mexican burro. They use the words to tease like a cheerleader taking advantage of a nerd or loner with a crush. They are passed around like a two-dollar Vietnamese… let’s just go ahead and not finish that sentence.

How many times have you used the word love when talking about something or someone? Don’t bother answering because I can’t hear you so I will explain my brief experiences with the word – and not the feeling. The feeling is something we only need to share with the person it is intended for; no one needs to be involved in your personal business. Some examples are: family, mate, lifelong friend, and perhaps a dog, maybe a car. Anyway, I have accidentally used the word many times when describing something I like or am passionate about. When people do this, it’s fine, but what irks me is when they deliberately accent the word when it is blatantly obvious they have no feelings or general knowledge toward the claim. Below are true accounts.

Friend: Me and my girlfriends are going to Durango this weekend for my birthday, but we need something else to do.
Me: Let’s look on the internet. Click, type, Click, Click. Looks like The Commodores are playing.
Friend: I LOVE The Commodores.
Me: Really? I didn’t know that. Which songs?
Friend: I don’t know.
Me: Let’s check Spotify.

Long story short, she liked one song. Here’s another doozy from the same friend.

Friend (to waitress): Can I have a soy wrap instead of the seaweed.
Waitress: Sure. I will have your order out soon.
Friend: Thanks.
Me: You don’t like seaweed?
Friend: I feel bad. I want to LOVE seaweed?
Me: Why do you want to love it? Who loves it? You don’t have to.
Friend: Because it’s good for you.
Me: So are like a million other things.

We can’t keep loving things because it devalues the meaning of the word and the passion and intimacy of the feeling. Plus, people who are happily loving things all the time are probably hiding something, so be aware.

Next, people seriously need to stop referring to average things as amazing. Of course, this is coming from a person who has difficulty finding anything impressive – especially himself. Not every movie you see or every song you hear is amazing. Not every conversation you have with a new person or every experience you encounter is amazing. Also, not every one cares.

We are devaluing greatness and offering false expectations and a delusional future. Psychologically, I believe anyone has the ability to convince themselves how to feel about something; we all have our own biases. However, we need to get a little more realistic. For example, if your kid can’t make the drive across town without getting carsick, the how the hell are they going to be an astronaut? I’m just saying that if we encourage the talents and abilities people already posses instead of giving them the broad idea of accomplishing anything they set their mind to then maybe we will have a great world instead of settling for what is just good enough and convincing ourselves it’s the most AMAZING thing in the world.

We need a balance, people; we need hate and trash. Everything can’t be amazing because then we have no standard, we have no levels to differentiate true quality, and we will eventually halt progression with our happy-go-lucky misconceptions of life. Take this lame blog for instance: you know there’s something better out there, and I’m glad you don’t like it.

I sure do love to hate amazing trash.

Fat Shamers and Fatties

“Your butt is wide, well mine is too, Just watch your mouth or I’ll sit on you.”
-Weird Al Yankovic, “Fat”

It’s safe to say we live in a world of hypocrites and trolls, the petty and the inconsiderate, the scared and the sheltered. I could go on forever, but everyone is content in their safe zone and no one is paying attention.

However, there are plenty of others whom people seem to obsess about on a daily basis – and then insult them for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for insulting people, but I’m more of a traditionalist and prefer face to face confrontation or strategically-placed opinions that will eventually be passed on to the person whom it is intended for. Disclaimer: there’s really no chance I will meet anyone I talk about on this blog because they wouldn’t waste their time finding me.

I think society is mentally-ill. We make things public on purpose without common sense, get incredibly hurt by comments and reactions, and then somehow preach the way life should be (which is ironically the opposite of how said person initial acted) during a rebuttal. Let’s focus on people who have been labeled fat shamers.

Until Microsoft removes that stupid red line underneath shamers that makes me feel unintelligent then I will offer a definition: Shamers- Uninformed Pretenders. When it comes to fat shamers, I don’t think they actually know what fat is. Unless they are from the Southeast or Wisconsin. Come to think of it, I guess most of America has a good idea of what fat is based on just walking in public and/or staring in the mirror. There’s a point, trust me. Obviously not everyone is fat, but there are a lot of overweight and imperfect bodies in the country whether that is self-inflicted or beyond someone’s control, but there are also a lot of people insulting others who appear heavy. To sum up, a lot of people have no room to talk (or move around comfortably).

Before I state the following, I must inform the handful of people who accidently came to this site that this is the only form of social media I am on and get my irrelevant news through headlines on sites like Yahoo. With that being said, people calling Ariel Winter or Rihanna fat is beyond ridiculous for two reasons. Reason first, people desperately need lives. Reason second, they aren’t fat! There’s a difference between them and you. They have one unflattering candid picture and tons of flattering shots. You can’t get your license picture right even after prepping all day for the photo. And how long does it take for you to get the right selfie to post?

On the contrary, from a psychological standpoint, maybe people like Winter and Rihanna are incredibly self-conscious about their weight (duh). Jabbing back and forth with trolls is a waste of time for two reasons. Reason first, celebrities desperately need lives. Reason second, referring to someone as a fat shamer while in an argument is only implying that you think you are, in fact, fat.

We’re all at fault here. Winter is not even close to being obese, but she gives women who truly struggle with weight an unrealistic view on life. It reminds me of when heavy women compare themselves to Marilyn Monroe. Do you know what curves actually are? How are you being you while offering a delusional comparison. I’m not trying to be mean, but have you ever researched her weight or seen a picture of the icon? Next, Rihanna should know very well that she isn’t overweight – for the longest time I thought she was unhealthily thin – so she should just ignore the envious. I mean look what happened when she talked back to Chris Brown; she needs to be careful. Lastly, people need to just stop concentrating on pointless drivel (like this blog) and stop acting like idiots. I’m an idiot shamer I guess. Who am I to judge?

Pope Francis says that. You can’t shame the Pope, so why not just accept that fact that no one is perfect.

Things Celebrities Say

“’Cause I just wanna be famous, be so fucking jaded.”
-Puddle of Mudd, “Famous”

Prior to this post, I assume it would be in my best interest to offer a disclaimer. Therefore, I do not mean the following two examples to target all celebrities, but rather only some.

First, when Missy Elliot says, “If you want to make an album, make an album,” in the latest Honda campaign on television, it makes me think that this is why people are dumb and entertainment is suffering from a lack of quality. This isn’t really her fault, but more the car company’s doing. It’s not easy to make an album, that’s why there are way more starving musicians in the world than successful ones. It’s easy for someone who has thrived to say something like that. In addition, this may be the philosophy behind modern music trends and why good albums are very rare nowadays. Trust me, I’ve suffered through many on Spotify. At least tell people the truth, Missy. “If you want to make an album, make an album, but there’s going to be years and years of hard work, sacrifice, and a complete change in life and personal relationships just for the chance of maybe being successful for a brief period in your life.”

Second, I saw a headline after the tragic Manchester bombing that read, “Katy Perry says, ‘We need to co-exist’.” Great, wonderful, no shit, Katy. I’m not sure if I should be upset with the singer, or the journalist for writing the teaser. I heard ISIS decided to stop terrorizing people because they really got the message now that the pop star made it clear. All those bumper stickers that half the world has plastered onto their car the last couple decades didn’t mean anything until she said something. Of course we need to co-exist, and guess what, we kind of already do because there are a plethora of beliefs and races scattered all over this overpopulated world. Celebrities have the keen ability to take incredibly generic sayings and make their followers believe that the philosophy is now validated because it came from their mouths. Remember, they are paid to entertain, not necessarily to be themselves. With that in mind, who exactly are we listening to? A person or a character?

We tend to forget that celebrities are some of the most overzealous, delusional people in the world, and yet we hold on to their every word and take their advice and opinions to heart. Why? Most of them are richer than the people they claim to relate to and seclude themselves behind iron gates so those very people don’t interact with them – they are their own 1%. They seem to always be in destructive relationships, addicted to something, in a therapy session, having suicidal thoughts, constantly craving attention, or living out of a bus, plane, and hotels for half the year. Hell, actors and actresses aren’t even in their right mind for months at a time because they are consumed by a role or a ridiculous religion. Long story short, you should instead listen to your parents, your family and friends, your educated leaders, whatever higher power you believe in, or yourself and you’ll be okay… and don’t listen to me.

Trump, Liberals and the In Between (me)

“The newspaper says to get bent, Man I’d like to say that to the President.”
-Wheatus, “Hump’em ‘n Dump’em”

I’m a registered independent – and as the aggravating whining continues, it validates my decision to not select a party over a decade ago. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump as a person, but I do believe he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself as a president so I don’t want to label him a failure yet.

I’m an equal opportunist concerning politics: I dislike everyone. We’re currently in the middle of a feud that has more to do with the power and competition of overseers and their supporters than a unified nation. I saw two articles this week that irked me a bit. This is why I have a blog: so I can complain to absolutely no one in particular. First, someone was kicked off a plane (big surprise; it’s like a thing now), but was sporting a Make America Great Again hat. Instead of supporting the elderly gentleman’s unruly behavior like everyone always does in these dumb situations, people were shouting, “Lock him up!” So, Trump supporters should be detained just because, but belligerent sex- and drug-trafficking doctors should win law suits? Second, I was appalled when I saw that Notre Dame Students booed Vice President Mike Pence before his commencement speech at graduation. It’s one thing to dislike and blame everything on President Trump, but insulting the Vice President – who will become president if Trump is impeached by the way – proves one thing: it’s not about Trump, but the Republican Party. This proves three other things: Liberals want a democratic dictatorship which contradicts itself, are actually more closed-minded than conservatives which is strange to think, and are insufferably sensitive while disrespecting the entire government unless they get what they want.

In addition, I recently heard a 20-something friend of mine joke by saying, “… not in Trump’s Nazi book-burning country.” I thought about that statement and realized how incredibly insensitive and offensive it was, and they are a liberal person. I’m not saying it was offensive to Trump, but I’m saying that it’s offensive to people of Jewish faith. To compare what is happening in America now to the Nazi regime is completely and utterly stupid.

Jewish Person: “The Holocaust was awful.”
Liberal: “I know exactly how you feel. Trump is president. I don’t think there has ever been a more racist person.”
Jewish Person: “Hitler tried to exterminate my race from the planet. He is responsible for the death of six million Jewish people.”
Liberal: “You just don’t get it. We’re basically going through the same thing.”
Jewish Person: “Huh?”

Pathetic. My father used to live in Germany as a child and one thing he mentioned to me that I will always remember was that when passing by old camp locations there was a certain smell that still lingered years after the Holocaust, a scent of decay. It is despicable and disgraceful to even joke about that.

Maybe we should start thinking more about who we consider to be deplorable and uneducated.

P.S. Please take note that I’m NOT specifically referring to Democrats as Liberals. You’re smart; I’m sure you figured that out.