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Recently I was on the highway and I passed a Swift semitruck. They are certainly not uncommon, but, of course, it gave me an urge to provide an update on the Jack Swift series. I thought I would share that “A Spoiled Game” was not the last installment of the series.

Though it won’t be released soon, it is something I have started to think about. One of the fun things about the Jack Swift series is the amount of research that goes into the storyline. These books take a while, and with the addition of my upcoming doctoral program and teaching responsibilities, it may even take a little longer.

Nevertheless, it will happen.

One thought on “Book news

  1. WOW !!! … you’re a busy man! Congrats on your pursuit of the Doctorate. Good luck with that; and we hope you’ll still have time to keep the series going. We love JACK !!!

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