A Character Entry

There’s actually a grouping of these people inhabiting every corner of two intersections, and most likely under the bridge they man – where there’s a high possibility that other services are offered for extra compensation. However, this one man is particularly noticeable, for he is one-legged.

An amputee without a prosthetic, exposing a filthy deformation at the thigh with back-alley stitching that forms chills just from the idea of grazing . He’s tan from the sun, race, and dirt, and sits in a stolen wheelchair, begging for not only money, but mercy and sympathy. It’s given on a daily basis, and has been for years, but the routine – who once offered their pity – now know his true intentions.

An unmotivated trickster, an actor who performs his sob story in garb of stolen valor only to take advantage of the merciful and use their good graces as a form of payment to feed his fixes.

A strip club regular. A drinker. A user.


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